Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In the throws of winter...ugh!

I really don't mind the snow, as long as I don't have to go out in it. With children it is pretty hard to not go out in it. So I do have a love-hate relationship with snow. I love how beautifully it blankets the ground; I hate how cold it is! That being said, it is currently snowing, and I have to go outside soon!
On to the important part of this blog: kids.
John is doing well in school and in life. He has settled on one girl. Her name is Taylor, and she is very sweet. She is a little thing of 5'3" or so. That isn't really so little, unless you consider John's height of 6'3"! John has learned to hate the snow as much as I do. (Sarah and Conor don't know any better, yet). He is a GREAT big brother and babysits alot for us while we are at work. He wants to get a job. As long as he works only on the weekend so daddy can watch the little ones, I have no problem with his getting a job.
Sarah started Celtic dancing and LOVES it. Her first performance is in the St Patrick's day parade on March 14th. She is more excited about being on TV than being in a parade. She's been in parades before, but the TV thing...blows her mind! I told her that there is only a chance she'll be on TV, but she is determined to be seen. She is doing well in school, although she is being bothered by a girl in her class. This girl seems jealous of Sarah's relationship with another friend, and so she breaks things belonging to Sarah and also does little things to upset Sarah. I have talked to the teacher about it, and so far nothing has come of it. I may need to go to the parents. This little girl only does things away from adults, so the teacher never notices anything.
Other than that, she is having a good time in school and with her friends.
Conor is still as cute as ever, and twice as funny! Always good for a laugh, he seems to show up just in time to make someone laugh when they need it most. He is very clever and loves to use the potty. (Except for #2; usually I will find him in the closet during that time). He can recite the alphabet and numbers to 17 and can count things to 10. He likes pirates, any sport, cars, teddy bears, and Mickey Mouse! He loves his brother and sister and misses them when they are not here. He thinks he is a "Child of Bob", instead of God. Who knows if God has an alias anyway? Maybe He is Bob, too!
That is where we are at this moment in time. Our family is well and full of love, so no matter what, we will always be together.

Friday, November 7, 2008

It is November now and there is (ugh!) snow on the ground. Conor was too young to actually enjoy it last year, but this year he loves it. He always wants to throw snowballs at the car! (perhaps a delinquent in the making).
Young John turns 15 next week. He is planning to take a couple friends to Boondocks Family Fun Center to celebrate. He just found out that he cannot get his permit until he is 15 1/2!!! Now he has to wait until May 15th. Obviously, he is not too thrilled.

Friday, June 13, 2008

For the love of family...

Hello, friends and family!

We are finally on the map!!! We are doing well. Young John is out of school and on his way to high school in the fall. I can't believe that he is a freshman. Remember that sweet little boy who could never leave my side? Now, he can't wait to get out with his friends. Mom who?...

He turns 15 in November, so his permit is on his mind. (and mine...) He is already a tall one, at 6'2", and totally hansome. He won't commit to one girl, but prefers to go out with many. Good, I am not ready for the drama of a steady.

Sarah is super! She will be done with school on July 1st, and after a short summer break, she will be starting second grade on August 23, I think. She is excited to be starting a new school but will miss the friends who will not be attending this school. She played baseball this spring, but after accidently wacking a friend in the head with a bat, she refuses to play summer ball. Too bad, because she was good. She wants to try cheerleading, but at almost 200 dollars for the season, she may not. We just have to weigh the odds. She also wants to try gymnastics, ballet and karate. So who knows what she will choose. She is still taking piano lessons, but doesn't have lessons right now, as her teacher is being filmed for "High School Misical 3"!!! How exciting for her. Sarah played Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" for her recital piece, and did beautifully.

Conor is fun! He is two next week, and we are planning a big boy's birthday party with lots of food and friends. He is in constant motion and never stops talking. He is our comic relief. The other day I gave Helen a bath. Apparently she wasn't clean enough for Conor as yesterday while I was cleaning the bathroom, he decided to dump a whole bottle of shampoo on the dog and the family room floor and stairs. He wasn't finished. He then started to finger paint the rest of the family room floor. Helen was white. I had John take pictures of the mess before we cleaned it up. We will put those on later. He is a happy boy and a joy to have around.

Talk to you all later.